CBD 20% Hemp (1gr)

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Discover our 20% CBD CANNABISMILE Hemp, a 100% biomass item made from certified, organic cannabis sativa L. Rich in non-psychoactive CBD, it’s a collectible piece, aligning with legal standards. Perfect as a souvenir or technical item, it’s not for consumption or smoking. A unique addition for enthusiasts over 18.

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Introducing our 20% CBD CANNABISMILE Hemp, a premium, decorative biomass derived from certified and organic cannabis sativa L. This unique collectible is cultivated by approved and legal growers, ensuring the highest quality and compliance with EU and Greek laws.

100% Organic Cannabis Sativa: CANNABISMILE is crafted from the finest cannabis sativa, known for its rich CBD content. The product contains non-psychoactive metabolites, focusing on CBD, a valued cannabinoid.

Decorative and Collectible: This item is not intended for nutritional, medicinal, or smoking purposes. It’s a decorative, collectible piece, ideal as a souvenir or technical item, adding a distinctive touch to your collection.

Safety and Compliance: CANNABISMILE adheres to strict European Union regulations, including EC Regulations and Directives, ensuring legality and safety. It’s not for swallowing and should be kept away from children, light, and heat.

Legal and Ethical Standards: Sale is restricted to individuals over 18, in compliance with legal standards regarding THC content and usage permissions.

Embrace the unique charm of CANNABISMILE, a testament to the beauty and versatility of hemp, embodying a blend of tradition, legality, and sophistication. Perfect for connoisseurs and enthusiasts who appreciate the artistry and legality of hemp-based products.”


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