Metal grinder 4 levels 50mm


Discover superior grinding with our 50mm Metal Grinder, boasting four levels for meticulous herb processing. Crafted from robust metal for durability, this grinder ensures fine consistency and efficient sifting. Its larger size is perfect for enthusiasts who value both precision and volume in their grinding experience.

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Introducing our 50mm Metal Grinder, the ultimate tool for enthusiasts seeking a blend of efficiency and volume. This four-level grinder is expertly designed to meet all your herb grinding needs. Made from high-grade metal, it guarantees longevity and consistent performance.

The first level is equipped with sharp, durable teeth that effortlessly grind herbs into a fine consistency. The second level serves as a collection chamber for the ground herbs, providing the ideal texture for your use. The third level features a finer mesh, efficiently sifting smaller particles. Finally, the bottom level acts as a kief catcher, maximizing the utility of your herbs.

The larger 50mm size of this grinder not only enhances its grinding capacity but also makes it a standout accessory for frequent users or those who prefer larger quantities. Its robust construction coupled with an efficient, multi-level design makes it a reliable and indispensable tool.

Whether for culinary, vaporizing, or smoking purposes, our 50mm Metal Grinder offers unmatched grinding precision. It’s a perfect combination of size, style, and functionality, making it a must-have for any serious herb aficionado.