HaZe Cannabis Chill-Out Tea 250ml


Triple Threat Tea: Refreshing, Relaxing, Non-Alcoholic with Tea & Lemon Flavor

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Chill Out With The Triple Threat Tea.

This chill-out tea is a refreshing non-alcoholic drink with a fine blend of tea extract, lemon, and cannabis flavor. It is non-carbonated, pasteurized, and of course, best served cool. It is a perfect chill-out drink for all, including athletes, vegetarians, vegans, seniors, diabetics, and even those watching their weight. It also helps with stress, fatigue, insomnia, excessive cravings for snacking, and weak immunity. Improve your diet with this cannabis chill-out tea!

Relax, It’s worth it! This refreshing can of energy drink with rich aromas of cannabis is extremely rich in Taurine, and it does not have any psychoactive properties.